This Matt Harvey Situation is SO Mets

Matt Harvey situation

Mets Twitter went OFF yesterday following the Mets announcing that Matt Harvey was going to see a doctor.

They said Harvey would miss the rest of Spring Training, and his Opening Day start against the Royals was in question. Mets fans immediately thought the worst, that Harvey had re-injured his shoulder and would miss significant time again. Once the Mets said it wasn’t a baseball-related injury, fans started to worry for Matt Harvey’s overall well-being.

Turns out, Harvey had blood clots in his bladder. The cause? He apparently needs to learn how to pee more often. Seriously.

This Matt Harvey situation, and the way the Mets handled it, is so unbelievably Mets that I’m shocked nobody saw it coming. They had their fans worrying for their ace’s LIFE, let alone baseball career. Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud was quoted on WOR-710 saying, “No one really knows what’s going on… We’re praying for him.”

I hope somebody got fired over this. Don’t fret, Mets fans, your rotation will be just fine come Opening Day, and hopefully Matt Harvey will shut the Royals down on Sunday Night. I hate those damn Royals.