The Vanderbilt Baseball Way

Vanderbilt Baseball Tim Corbin

What I was told from the time I was in little league was that no matter how far you go in baseball your duty is to give back to the game. It took me until I got into my junior year of high school to understand what that really meant. You can give back to the game in so many ways. Some guys go with the coaching route. A lot of the Major Leaguers turn to broadcasting. Some guys will just go back and talk and mentor the younger generation of players. The big thing is what it does for the programs they are giving back to, like Vanderbilt Baseball.

Tim Corbin and Vanderbilt Baseball seem to be burning that into the heads of all their players. All last year during the College World Series it was almost a game of Where’s Waldo with David Price playing the role of Waldo. David Price was racking up those frequent flyer miles, it seemed like he was at every Vandy game from the Super Regional to the CWS final. MLB Network’s Al Leiter did a segment on the philosophy of the Commodores and their former players giving back to the game.

Coach Corbin said in an interview that the first thing he requested as head coach was a locker room for his current players. That’s obvious right? If you want to be a top tier program you need a bad ass locker room. However the second thing he requested was a locker room for former players. It seems that the former players have been taking full advantage of it. Guys like David Price, Sonny Gray, and Tyler Beede all come back to do their off-season workouts with the current Vanderbilt baseball players.

With all these major leaguers hanging around all the time it’s no wonder why the Commodores have been one of the most dominant Division 1 programs in the coutry since 2004. Even winning it all in 2014 and finishing second in 2015.