The St Louis Cardinals Best Fans In Baseball

St. Louis Cardinals fans and the BFIB title

Charlie Reidel / AP

Ahhh “The Best Fans in Baseball”. If you’re not a Cardinals fan, you probably just cringed. Actually, there’s a good chance that if you are a Cardinals fan, you also just cringed. For years the media and the players have praised Cardinal fans for the atmosphere at Busch Stadium, their knowledge of the game, and the respect they show the players. Not too long after “The Best Fans in Baseball” title was given to Cardinal fans, it turned into a negative thing. Notice that I said given. It was not made up by Cardinal fans. Sure, there are definitely a lot fans that ran with it and became obnoxious with a “holier than thou” attitude. A majority of the fans, however, still just love their team and the game. But now in 2015, it seems that if a Cardinal fan says anything positive about their team, they are ridiculed and mocked with the BFIB title. It’s getting old. To pretend like there aren’t obnoxious and ridiculous fans for every team is just ignorant. Most of the hate has stemmed from social media, especially the “Best Fans St. Louis” twitter account. Apparently, trolling twitter constantly from your mom’s basement and retweeting literally anything negative from Cardinal fans makes Cardinal fans unbearable. I’m pretty sure anyone with that much time on their hands could do that for any fan base of any team of any sport.

It also seems like Deadspin has some weird obsession with the Cardinals and their fans. I know it’s their thing to do that for every team, but they sure do focus a lot on the Cardinals. If you ask me, I hate the title of BFIB, even if it’s true. Nothing good has come from it. But when I see a player like Brandon Moss come to the Cardinals and get his first standing ovation EVER in his first at bat, it makes me proud. When a former utility player like Daniel Descalso or Skip Schumaker come up to the plate and get a standing ovation, it makes me proud. When an opposing player makes a great play (minus Brandon Phillips, who I actually like) at Busch Stadium and gets cheers, it makes me proud. I’m not saying these things don’t happen at other ballparks, it just doesn’t seem as common. So what is my point? Cardinal fans love their team, they love the players, and they love baseball. If you mock fans for these traits, you probably just aren’t that much of a fan in the first place.


  1. If your team is a league leader, your entire organization and its supporters get attention. If you embrace an arrogant title like “best fans in the sport” you’re going to catch **** for it.

    BFIB Twitter challenges stupid notions like a city’s being praised for ‘their knowledge of the game.’ Somehow I trust Boston fans with their rich history and academic culture to know more about their passions than redneck southerners. Somehow I think the best and brightest of the business and tech world (in sunny CA) have more articulate opinions about their teams than the city that brags about a giant bent piece of metal (the arch? dumbest landmark in America).

    Sports media personalities are the D-students of journalism, so who gives a flying crap what label they give a team, or a fanbase? Cardinals fans who embrace the “best fans in baseball” mentality deserve to get **** all over and embarrassed by their community members who tweet the dumb garbage they do that gets highlighted on

    Also if you write for this site, tell your web design staff to get their **** together, this site is broken.