The Royals Are Becoming Unbearable

Kansas City Royals World Series

Do the Kansas City Royals realize that somebody wins the World Series every year? Don’t get me wrong, winning the World Series is obviously the ultimate goal of every major league team, and the winning team deserves the right to bask in their glory.

That said, the Royals have been unbearable since April 2015 when they started fighting teams left and right. They became even more unbearable after winning the World Series. After they won the Series, Royals haters like myself had to put their foot in their mouth and deal with the Royals winning.

They will be holding not one, but two ceremonies to celebrate their World Series championship on their first two days of the season. Ironically enough, both of these games will be played against the New York Mets, who they beat in the World Series. There is absolutely no way that a team has ever done this before, but it is extremely fitting that the Royals are the first to do so. Even their spring training hat is obnoxious, with their crown above the interlocking KC

Now reports have surfaced that the Royals will be seeking revenge for Noah Syndergaard’s brushback pitch to Alcides Escobar in Game 3 of the World Series. I loved Syndergaard’s pitch, and thought he was totally within his rights to throw high and tight in that situation. Apparently, the Royals don’t think so, so don’t be surprised when some punk like Yordano Ventura goes after Yoenis Cespedes in that first series next week. Personally, I’m rooting for an all-out brawl ending with Eric Hosmer somehow getting his stupid fohawk shaved off.