The Revenge of Thor?


With Chase Utley’s slide back in the 2015 NLDS, there has been a significant dispute between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Many baseball fans including myself have been waiting for revenge to take place for quite sometime. With that being said, Saturday night’s matchup between the Mets and Dodgers was nothing but electrifying for followers of this controversy. The big powerful right handed pitcher Noah Syndergaard took the hill for the Mets and was throwing his usual nearly perfect line until the 3rd inning, where he faced veteran Chase Utley for the second time in the game. It appeared that Syndergaard intentionally threw at Utley but barely missed him and the ball ended up behind the dish. The consequence of Syndergaard’s throw was being ejected from the game by home plate umpire Adam Hamari.

For everybody who says┬áhis throw was unintentional, let’s put it this way. Noah Syndergaard has only hit one batter in the 2016 season to this date, and only hit three batters in the 2015 season. With Chase Utley at the plate, is it really a coincidence that the ball ended up behind him, I think not. Now am I saying that Syndergaard deserved to be ejected? No. But it could have gone either way. I believe umpire Adam Hamari should have given Syndergaard a warning and moved on from there. Syndergaard’s response after Saturday night’s game:

With my strong opinions about Chase Utley’s takeout slide in last years postseason, he has handled this dispute as a real veteran. After the conflict in the 3rd inning, Chase Utley hits a solo home run in the 6th, and a grand slam in the 7th to contribute to the Dodger’s victory 9-1. Utley’s response after the game was handled very professional:

The Dodgers and Mets will not meet again in the regular season, but I am looking forward to seeing if they will see each other in the postseason and their reactions next season.