The Most ESPN Graphic Ever


ESPN is famous for obsessing with certain players constantly. Most of the time it’s warranted, even if it’s obnoxious. During baseball season, you’re likely to see Bryce Harper and Mike Trout stats plastered all over ESPN’s twitter feed. This stat, however, isn’t even a little stupid. It’s really, really stupid.


Starlin Castro is off to really hot start this year, and I thought it was bad enough to see Yankee fans losing their mind over him. I can’t wait for mid July when he’s hitting .250 and everybody’s calling for Brian Cashman to ship him out of town. Tim Kurkj
ian shares some pretty ridiculous stats on ESPN, but the ones he shares are usually pretty cool and funny. This one is WAY over the top though. It’s been five games. Nobody expects him to keep up this pace, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the dopes over at ESPN think he will. God, this stat is so ESPN it hurts.