That Ballpark Feeling


Close your eyes. Take yourself to your favorite stadium. Take a deep breath and exhale. Do you smell the freshly cut grass of that perfectly groomed outfield? Maybe you smell the hot dogs that are being brought up and down the isles by robust men in yellow shirts screaming at the top other lungs. Feel the roar of the crowd as game time approaches. Feel the goosebumps rising up on your skin. These are the little moments that make you love the game. You may not realize it but it is. We feel as though we are apart of the game, like in some strange way, we feel like if we cheer just a little louder that maybe our team will strive for greatness just a little more. In that one game that we attend, we are going to watch those nine guys perform better and in more spectacular ways than we ever imagined.

Most everyone using this website all have these feelings on our way to the ballpark. But if you ever lose sight of what made this game great, just remember these moments. They will guide you back to the path. Sometimes the things that make the game great aren’t the players. Sometimes its the fans that show up to the game with the intention of feeling like a five year old again, sometimes its that guy throwing you a bag of peanuts from 8 rows back and you pretending like you’re camping under the 27th out at the World Series while your team is ahead.

Next time you’re on your way to the ballpark, take a second to remember these things. I promise you’ll never wanna leave.