Texas A&M Kyle Simonds No Hitter vs Vanderbilt

Kyle Simonds No Hitter
Thomas Campbell / TAMU Athletics

Texas A&M’s Kyle Simonds threw the 12th no hitter in school history tonight vs none other than the recent┬áNational Champions, Vanderbilt.

What’s most impressive about tonight might not be the actual no hitter, but the way he finished it off. The last out of the game was a line drive that was smoked up the middle. Kyle Simonds finished off this no no with a web gem of his own.

Seed Sack

Everyone knows it takes incredible defense to pull off a no hitter, but rarely do you see the pitcher the one responsible for making the game changing plays. The odds that he actualyl catches this ball are so slim it’s mind boggling. If you’ve ever been on the mound and had one of these hit back to you, you know what I’m talking about. It’s really hard to explain, but it’s like a total black out. You don’t remember a thing other than looking down into your glove and seeing a baseball (hopefully). Other times you might wake up in a hospital, but in this case, the glove. Look at the passion and rage on his face when he realizes what he just did. Kyle Simonds just threw a no hitter against one of the best baseball programs in all of college baseball.