Texas A&M Keeli Milligan Wears a Pitch to the Face Like a Boss


I’m publishing this just hours after making the proclamation that Baseball Fam is indefinitely suspending our coverage of any and all softball. Texas A&M’s Keeli Milligan just brought us out of retirement for an important post.

From my perspective, there are two types of softball players on the field. The ones covered in ready-for-prom makeup that are in full uniform and eye black for hotel bathroom mirror pictures, and then there are Keeli Milligans. Girls like Keeli just have it in their DNA to be balls to the wall grinders. I bet she throws the Monopoly board across the room when she loses. I love this type of human being.

The 5’1 sophomore hitting .324 on the year wore a fastball off the face in a Super Regional at Tennessee this weekend, and immediately the fire was lit.

You know those dudes in high school that loved getting punched in the face for some reason? Keeli Milligan seems like one of those, and you gotta respect it. Watch what happens when she wears one to the face.

TAMU’s Keeli Milligan is the hero the game of softball needs. h/t _AllisonGarrett twitter

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This is the type of hero the game of softball needs. People love watching competition. Players with this level of competitiveness are electric television. In a softball culture where color commentators are constantly apologizing for players’ mistakes on the field (the shortstop let one through her five-hole, I don’t need to hear how tough of a play that was thanks), players like Keeli Milligan here are must watch TV. So thank you, Keeli, and yes…let’s fucking go!

Also happened to come across this gem. Enjoy