So I Stepped in against Jordan Taylor at her So You Think You Can Hit Event


So many guys’ mouths water when they think about the chance to step in against a softball pitcher. For some reason, a big chunk of baseball guys are pretty confident in their abilities to hit off an underhand hurler.

To raise money for her charity and the Akron Children’s Hospital, the crew & I went down to Akron for my first NPF game between the USSSA Pride and Akron Racers. And yes, I stepped in against Jordan Taylor.

A ton of money was raised, and a ton of fun was had. Huge shoutout to Jordan, the Pride, and the Racers for the amazing hospitality and an overall incredible night. This turned out to be one of the most fun events I’ve ever done.

Oh yea, and you can watch the full at bat here, as well as some chit chat with some of the game’s best.