Giancarlo Stanton Brought Kershaw to His Knees


I live for showdowns between big-time pitchers and sluggers. Power vs. power, let’s see who can beat the other. Last night we got Clayton Kershaw vs. Giancarlo Stanton, and Stanton put Kershaw to shame.

Seed Sack

This isn’t anything new here, but Giancarlo Stanton is an absolute MONSTER. That ball landed a projected 433 feet from home plate, and it was just to the right of center field. If you can bring Clayton Kershaw to his knees, you know you’re the man. Kershaw didn’t have his best outing last night, but to hit a ball that far off of him is so impressive. I don’t think Stanton is staying in Miami for the duration of his 13-year contract. Can you imagine him hitting in Fenway Park or Camden Yards? Holy shit. I hope he can stay healthy this year, because he could give his hitting coach Barry Bonds a serious run for his money.