St. Louis newspaper trashes Anthony Rizzo for leaning into pitches

Anthony Rizzo HBP

For most of us, the Cubs Cardinals rivalry isn’t the most exciting it’s been in the last 20 years. But those in Chicago & St Louis don’t feel the same.

After the Cubs recent sweep of the Cardinals, a St. Louis newspaper took out some frustration by trashing Anthony Rizzo for leaning into pitches. Rizzo leaned into one from Cardinals pitcher Tyler Lyons, and one St. Louis sports writer had seen enough, calling him “the notorious HBP”, saying he’s famous for leaning over the plate.

It is pretty noticeable how much Rizzo hangs over the plate. His junk is basically hanging over the inside corner at times. As a pitcher it drives me nuts, but you’ve just gotta be able to buzz him inside and get him on the hands. Although he often combats it by choking up on the bat a ton. The frustration from all of St. Louis is understandable, I guess. Tough to watch the Cubs become kings of the division. I don’t care what their regular season record is, if they take the NL Central and squeak into the playoffs, the defending champs shouldn’t be slept on.