Speed Sells, The Dee Gordon Extension

Dee Gordon

The narrative has always been around that “chicks dig the long ball.” Well in the case of Dee Gordon , the Miami Marlins “dig the stolen base.”  Last year, Gordon became the first NL player since Jackie Robinson in 1949 to lead the league in batting average (.333) and stolen bases (58).


After posting a huge season, the two time All-Star was rewarded with a five year, $50 million dollar contract.  The contract buys out Gordon’s three arbitration years and two years of free agency, keeping the 27-year-old a part of the team’s core through at least 2020. The contract also includes a $14 million vesting option for ’21.


Gordon did a little bit of everything in 2015. Not only did Gordon lead the league in steals and hits. Gordon also took home his first Golden Glove award. With the Marlins now having a young core of Dee Gordon, Giancarlo Stanton, and Christian Yelich things could be looking bright in South Beach.