Sorry Ladies, Derek Jeter is Engaged to SI Swimsuit Model Hannah Davis


Sorry girls, I know this is probably the worst thing you’ve read all day. Even with the annoyance that’s posted all over twitter every day and your boyfriend not putting the effort into the good morning text this morning. But this is more important, this is about your childhood husband, Derek Jeter. It’s true, Derek Jeter is engaged to SI swimsuit model and girlfriend of the last 3 years, Hannah Davis.

This is shocking for a couple reasons. One, because there was a piece of me that actually believed / still might believe that Derek Jeter was gay. Of course that’s all because of the book that came out months ago revealing he and Posada’s shenanigans in the clubhouse sauna back in the 90s.

Also shocking because of his dating resume. This dude seemed like he was going to be a lifetime bachelor. AKA just live the dream for the rest of his life. But I guess now that baseball is over and Players’ Tribune┬áis rocking he’s kinda bored. Why not try the whole marriage / family thing. I think the Yankees are hoping he’ll pop out a DJ Jr soon, because they could use a new stud 5 year old to sign to a contract soon.

Remember when Sports Nation created Derek Jeter’s dating diamond? Quite impressive. Rather fitting that they put Hannah Davis on the mound as the pitcher, because now it looks like she really is going to be controlling the balls.

Derek Jeter Dating Diamond