Schwarber Home Run Encased On Top of Cubs Video Board

Kyle Schwarber has left his mark on Wrigley with this signature "Schwarbomb"


I remember watching the Kyle Schwarber home run in Game Four of the NLDS. Fans sprang to their feet as soon as the ball left the bat. The exit velocity reached 112.5 mph and was projected at a distance of 419 feet. But no one claimed to have caught it. Instead, a fan noticed the ball had landed on top of the video board: This pic shows the Schwarber home run encased on top of Cubs video board.

The Cubs organization found out where the ball hand landed and verified that it was in fact Schwarber’s ball by the MLB Postseason marking it had on it. Instead of bringing the ball down and giving a souvenir to Schwarber, they decided to leave it up on the scoreboard and keep it up there for good by putting a case around it. You can see the video below:

What a way to leave your mark on a town. Chicago and the Cubs organization will forever remember what Kyle Schwarber did.

You may now call him “Babe Schwarber.”