Salvador Perez Shin Guards Full of Pine Tar?


Why some things are talked about on TV and other things aren’t has always been a question to me. Are you telling me I’m the only one that saw this? They zoomed in on it for goodness sake. After Salvador Perez was hit on the hand with a foul ball, the camera’s zoomed in to catch a look at that hand, but that’s not all the shot saw. Salvador Perez shin guards full of pine tar?

Could it be? I’m not one to jump to conclusions so I’m trying to rule out all possibilities. That’s most definitely not dirt from sliding and blocking balls right? Why does his throwing hand keep going right for it?

It is cold out this time of year and pitchers could definitely use something like a little pine tar on the ball to improve their grip. Are we on to something here? Or is this one of those situations where both teams agree it’s cold out and they need a little extra sum’ sum’ for their pitchers’ hands?