Ryan Vogelsong Hit By Pitch in the Face, Carted Off

Ryan Vogelsong hit by pitch
Pittsburgh TribLive Sports

Today’s day game match up between the Rockies and Pirates at PNC Park, Pirates starter Ryan Vogelsog was hit in the face by a fastball from Rockies Jordan Lyles.

The pitch came inside right at Ryan Vogelsong’s face at 92 mph out of the hand of Jordan Lyles. It looks like he didn’t get a good look at the pitch out of his hand. Wasn’t much reaction from Vogelsong until it was too late. Check out this photo from Pittsburgh’s TribLive.

Seed Sack


The video looks even worse. Probably the scariest thing to ever happen to a pitcher. I’m not sure you’ll ever see Vogelsong hit another baseball for the rest of his career. I wouldn’t blame him. He was carted off the field, but sitting up under his own power.




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