Ryan Flaherty Utters “Come on Mother F*cker” to Aroldis Chapman


You probably all know this by now, but Aroldis Chapman can bring some serious gas on the mound. He was the first pitcher to log a 105 mph fastball on the mound (arguably). Last night in New York he broke his own record, throwing TWO pitches over 105 mph on the stadium gun.

Ryan Flaherty stepped up to the plate having already seen a 105.1 mph pitch to JJ Hardy previously. When you see a guy pumping that kind of gas, it’s really just close your eyes and swing for the moon, right? There’s really only one approach to take to the plate every time up, especially against a guy of the caliber of Aroldis Chapman. I call it the “fuck you mindset,” and Flaherty certainly embraced it on this at bat.

Right before the pitch comes, the camera zooms in to the look on Orioles Ryan Flaherty, as if to attempt to catch the fear in his eye. But they caught something a bit different. Most lip readers would interpret this one pretty easily.

My man Flaherty gave him the old “come on mother fucker.”¬†Aroldis Chapman in the most boss move ever, responds with a 105 mph seed to the plate. I love the mindset by Ryan Flaherty, but I don’t think it helped him much here.