Kansas City Royals Fans Just Set an Unbreakable MLB Record

Omar Infante Royals Fans mlb record

With all the news of Ichiro “breaking” Pete Rose’s hit record, there’s one huge MLB record going overlooked today.

First off, I don’t actually consider Ichiro’s hit total as breaking Pete Rose’s record. What a joke, but I won’t go into that in this. Hitters have reached 3,000 even 4,000 career hits before. Hitters have blasted over 70 home runs in a season, and some even 700+ for a career. Joe Dimaggio even had a 56 game hit streak once. Pitchers have thrown perfect games, no hitters, and struck out over 200 batters in seasons, and thousands for a career.

But one thing happened today that has never been done in the history of baseball.

I’ve searched far and wide for hours and hours to find out if it’s ever been done before, and I’ve found nothing even close. The record was sealed today when the Royals announced they had designated Omar Infante for assignment. A bell immediately went off in my head, I had to start researching. Low and behold, it had never been done before.

In all improbability, the Kansas City Royals fans have become the FIRST and ONLY fan base in the history of baseball to vote a player top 5 in All Star voting during a season which he was designated for assignment. Not only that, they did it in back to back seasons, even reaching #1 in 2015 voting at one point.

Huge congrats to the incredible fans of Kansas City for accomplishing the impossible feat. When you talk about unbreakable records in baseball, you think Cal Ripken Jr’s consecutive games played streak, Joe Dimaggio’s hit streak, and now you’ve got to think about the time Royals fans voted a DFA’d player top 5 in All Star Voting. I won’t even get started on who is crazier, the fans or the organization to DFA a player whose production puts him top 5 in voting at second base in back to back years?

P.S. let’s fix the All Star Game voting like this.