Royals Blogger Says Bryce Harper Needs Choking


Kansas City Royals blogger Lee Judge published an article in the Kansas City Star this week about the Jonathon Papelbon & Bryce Harper situation, and it really just explains my feelings about the KC Royals and (most) fans. If you check out the article now, here’s how it reads.

I don’t know Bryce Harper from Adam, but he certainly seems like a young man who needs an attitude adjustment. Unfortunately he was choked by the wrong guy in the wrong place… If you want to choke Bryce Harper – and I suspect if you played with him, you might – ask him to come up to the tunnel and then choke him. You don’t do it in the dugout for everyone in the world to see; you keep that stuff private.”

This statement is an absurdity in itself, but what was originally published and caught by Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports was even worse.

stay classy

How do you as a professional sports writer, publish an article saying Bryce Harper needs choking. This is just a prime example of most Royals fans in my opinion, and an example of how people love to hate on greatness. The guy will hit .340 with 45 HRs and an OPS that’s through the roof, and everyone is still on his jock telling him how to play the game. Unbelievable to me, really.