Rover’s Morning Glory Hallway Bullpen Disaster


Rover’s Morning Glory is a pretty popular morning radio talk show aired in multiple states, but based in Cleveland, OH. One of their employees boasted that he could still throw a baseball in the low 70s.

The show is notorious for not giving a damn and turning their studio into a circus at times. Today they decided to let the guy known as “Nadz” put his money where his mouth is. They set up a little bullpen area right outside of the studio in a hallway that looks no longer than 35 feet long.

You already know¬†a couple things. Even if you’ve pitched your entire life, throwing a baseball 70mph without any warm up is likely to result in a couple things: a broken arm, something broken, and a ball thrown less than 70mph.

The results here were no different. This poor catcher doesn’t fare so well with these three pitches, and neither do the studio walls.