Ron Kulpa Blows Call on David Ortiz, Red Sox Lose


Just another classic case of an umpire wanting to steal the show. I guess you could maybe argue that the Ron Kulpa strike 2 call to David Ortiz kind-of-maybe-sorta-but-not-really caught some of the plate, but McCann caught it so badly that there’s no way you can call that a strike. Never in the history of baseball at any level has a pitch that looked like that been called a strike.

The overhead view of the pitch shows it doesn’t catch the plate, but lets just say it did. Let’s also keep in mind that the “black” of the plate doesn’t really exist. A slider coming from a left handed pitcher, ending where McCann caught the ball, catching a millimeter of the front right corner of the plate, is still not a strike.

Seed Sack

The strike three call was absolutely horrendous.

That ball was a few inches below the zone, and I have no doubt in my mind that Ron Kulpa called that a strike because David Ortiz showed him up. News flash, Ron, but not a single person in Yankee Stadium cares that you got shown up by Big Papi.

The one positive thing that came out of this was Ortiz and John Farrell’s ejections. Love to see your guys getting fired up, and love to see Farrell protecting his players. And also, I felt some rage towards Yankees fans tonight for the first time in a while. Maybe the rivalry isn’t dead? Who knows, but that’s up to the Yankees to start really playing well again.