Rockies Jose Reyes Arrested for Domestic Abuse in Maui

Jose Reyes Arrested
Jasen Vinlove - USA Today Sports

It’s being reported that Rockies Jose Reyes arrested for domestic abuse in Maui on October 31st following an altercation with his wife in their hotel room. All of this according to Chris Tanaka on Twitter. A Denver news station also tweeted this earlier.

With everything happening around the NBA and NFL world regarding domestic abuse, it’s sad to see this creep into MLB. Not that MLB doesn’t have its fair share of issues, but it’s seemed lately like the MLB has been one of the cleaner organizations among the three in these terms. Ever since the breaking of the steroid era, most of the focus has been on NFL’s domestic abuse issues and striking down on their new policies. Still really early in the reporting process of this event, but this is NOT a good look for MLB, Jose Reyes, and the Colorado Rockies.

Reyes was traded to Colorado this year in one of the most surprising trades that came out of nowhere this summer. Troy Tulowitzki was moved to the Jays in exchange for Jose Reyes. The Jays went on to make a deep playoff run without the face of their franchise the last couple years. Obviously Reyes couldn’t be happy with that move, and times just got even tougher.

With Rob Manfred’s tendencies since taking office as the commissioner of baseball, I’d expect a very proactive punishment once all the details come out. MLB would be smart to stay ahead of the curve on this one.