Rockies Clubhouse Floods During Storm

Rockies Clubhouse Flood

Blue Jays and Rockies were scheduled to face off tonight in Colorado, but Mother Nature had other plans.

Coors Field generally has more rain outs than most other fields in baseball. Don’t ask me why or to provide rain totals because I can’t, but most would agree. Tonight was a little worse than the usual rain out however. The Jays Rockies game was delayed when rain and hail storms came down over Coors Field. Not only did the field end up under water, but the Colorado clubhouse flooded to a serious level.

Pictures on twitter show Colorado’s clubhouse manager Alan Bossart floating on a pad through the clubhouse.

I’m no weather expert or clubhouse manager, but that looks like a slight problem. That’s a ton of water. The game as of right now is scheduled for a 9:20 pm local time start, but I don’t think the facilities underneath will be ready for a while. The Rockies also took the opportunity to tout their grounds crew. Classy move Rox twitter.