Rob Manfred Wrote Letter to Toronto Students About Bautista-Odor


Sportsnet – The whole baseball world was rocked as hard as Jose Bautista’s jaw the day Rougned Odor gave him one. Everyone had an opinion, and everyone took a side. Apparently that went all the way down to the grade school kids in Toronto.

Fourth grade students in Toronto, along with their teacher put together a letter with some thoughts on the fight, and sent it in to Rob Manfred’s office. Little did they know, they’d get a prompt response from the MLB commissioner.

Here’s the letter Humbercrest Public School sent in.

Toronto Kids Letter to Commissioner

They got a little help from their teacher writing this, but you can tell some of these ideas sound like they did come from the minds of fourth graders, who must be in a pretty solid school system if you ask me. I’m sure they were thrilled getting a response from the office of the commissioner of baseball. The article on Sportsnet mentions the class had written letters to numerous professional athletes, but had never gotten a response. Here’s what Rob Manfred had to say.

Rob Manfred Letter to Toronto Grade School

Have to love a couple things about this. Number one, this is proof that baseball is becoming big as ever in Toronto. Ever since the Blue Jays run to the postseason in 2015, it seems Toronto baseball fans are live and well again. Having the whole country of Canada behind the Blue Jays again is beyond great for Major League Baseball. Also have to love a teacher using sports, particularly baseball to teach the kids some life lessons. Well done by everyone involved here.