The Red Sox Need Brock Holt

The Red Sox have fallen to 2 games behind first place in the AL East and have had a struggling offense as of lately. They are going to need Brock Holt to come back in order to re-spark their offense.

Brock Holt

Red Sox utility player Brock Holt has been out since May, 20th and since then, the Red Sox have played 30 games and lost 16 of them.

Up until that day Brock Holt took a trip to the DL with a mild concussion the Red Sox were off to a red hot start with a record of 25-16 and were only 0.5 games behind the AL leading Baltimore Orioles.

For a little bit it seemed as if the Red Sox would be just fine without Holt due to left fielder Chris Young stepping up and tearing to cover off the ball once Holt went down. Young is hitting .282 with 5 HR 10 RBI and 10 R in the past 30 games. This is somewhat better than what Brock Holt was doing in the lineup with a .239 AVG, 3 HR, 17 RBI and 17 R. It’s probably been determined by now that even when Holt comes back it will be Young that will be getting the majority of the starts in left field rather than Holt. Young was signed by the Sox essentially to hit left handed pitchers, which has been his specialty throughout his career. However, it’s now evident that Holt is a very important part to the Red Sox with his ability to play basically every position on the field.

Over the last 10 games, the Red Sox have been held to 2 or fewer runs 5 times.

They had been only been held to 2 or fewer runs 11 times in the other 61 games played this season. So statistically speaking this is out of the ordinary for the Red Sox. Also the Sox have only won 3 games where they scored 4 or fewer runs this season, so the Red Sox heavily rely on their offense to win games for them which has worked for the most part so far.

A reason the Red Sox have been struggling so much in their last 10 games (they’ve lost 7 of them) while scoring very little runs is because they don’t have Brock Holt to give any given player besides the catcher a day off. With Holt available to play the role of the utility payer the Red Sox would be able to give guys who have been struggling a bit lately some time off. The team has been hesitant lately to take their regular starters out of the line up because the current back ups they have haven’t been able to do anything. So they are basically giving up a spot in their lineup in order to give a player some rest; not to mention that while Holt is able to give any infield or outfield player the day off, he has shown over the past 2 years that he is a reliable hitter as well.

The Boston Red Sox have had a pretty good 2016 season so far, but they are still going to need a little boost if they want to take down the Orioles and win the AL East. With the trade deadline coming up relatively soon and once Holt is able to return back to his utility role the Red Sox should be more than capable to make a run in 2016 postseason.