Rangers Swing for Your Seats: One Winner

Rangers Swing For Your Seats

For those of you who watch Shane / ShtBallPlayrsDo on Periscope regularly, you should remember him expressing his disapproval of the Texas Rangers Swing for your Seats promotion. If you are not familiar with this promotion, I’ll give you a brief description. Basically, a Rangers fan could go to Globe Life Park, put down a 25% deposit on season tickets, and then take three swings with a wooden bat off a pitching machine throwing 70mph.  If the fan was able to smash a homer, their season tickets would be free.  Now, on a side note, many people such as Shane and myself expressed discontent with this promotion due to the rules stating “the participant may not be a current or former professional or collegiate baseball player.”  Basically, the Rangers would allow you to take three hacks off a machine, but only if you are someone who has never gone up against 70mph heat or swung a wooden bat before.

The promotion was held this past Saturday, and as crazy as it sounds, someone crushed a dinger.  The man? Byron Anderson. Byron is a middle school teacher and coach in Texas. The following is the video of his bomb from his Twitter profile:

Out of 20 participants, Byron was the only to hit a home run and got four half season packages for free. So, even though the Rangers stacked this promotion in their favor, we can all rest easy knowing Byron took them on a run for their money. Congratulations Byron!