Albert Pujols Daughter Bella Wins Special Olympics Gold

Albert Pujols Daughter Bella Special Olympics

You know Albert Pujols as undoubtedly one of the greatest hitters of our generation. But what you didn’t know is he’s not the only athlete in the family. Pujols daughter Bella is a Special Olympian, who just won two gold medals.

Pujols has a Rookie of the Year, 3 MVP awards, two World Series rings, and a bunch of other awards throughout his career. What he doesn’t have? Olympic gold medals. His daughter Bella suffers from down syndrome. You would never know it by casually following the career of Albert Pujols, but his Pujols Family Foundation does a ton of work with many organizations involved in research and support for the condition.

Albert Pujols Daughter Bella Special OlympicsAlbert Pujols tweeted out this picture yesterday of his daughter Bella, a new Special Olympics gold medalist.