Puerto Rico Benches Clear after Fight in Family Section


Puerto Rico World Baseball ClassicI don’t think benches clearing was something we’d expect from the World Baseball Classic. But this wasn’t the bench clearing brawl we’re used to seeing upon players leaving their dugout.

During Saturday night’s contest between Puerto Rico and Mexico, a little scuffle broke out in the stands while Puerto Rico held a 5-4 lead. Nothing new at a baseball game, really. But this happened to take place in the family section of the stands down the left field line.

The crowd fight allegedly took place between the families of the players of the two teams.

Crazy scenario here. I’d say I can’t imagine families going at it in the stands, but then again I remember my years in summer ball pre-college. Anyway… more than a couple of Puerto Rico players hopped into the stand to tend to their families and help break up the fight. Some even came back to the dugout with their children.

I think at this point we can conclude the conversation about whether people give a shit about the World Baseball Classic. If you’ve watched any games with Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, or the US, you’ve seen some hard nosed baseball. But hey, Mom and Dad, can we chill out in the stands please?