Pitchers: Mentally In Control


Pitchers: We stand in the middle of the diamond, ball in our hand, teammates behind us, batter in the box & WE ARE IN CONTROL. This post is designed to help us improve our breathing, mental organization, mental visualization & execution with a simplified plan. Each pitch that we execute is its own inning, its own game, its own season and its own life. I want you to begin to focus more on the current pitch at hand & eliminate thoughts of previous or future pitches. Here are our 7 Goals:








Pitchers & all athletes in general can & will reap the benefits of breathing immediately. When we get into intense athletic competition, we get tense, tight and generally slow down mentally & physically. Breathing during competition ensures that we receive enough oxygen so that we can function to the best of our abilities. By getting more oxygen to the body we will relax, feel more comfortable & have a greater sense of control. The increased comfort will give us more confidence & help us overcome negative thoughts and negative emotions that would generally hinder our performance.

Execute Your Pitch, Achieve Your Success, Repeat.

Continue Being You!

Stu Cohen