A Pitcher’s Perspective on the Bat Flip

Pitcher's perspective bat flip

Bat flips are one of the most controversial parts of the game right now. I mean, it was the fuel behind a brawl between my beloved Rangers (FREE ODOR!) and the Jays. Most old school supporters say that its disrespectful. Most pitchers get furious immediately after seeing a bat flip. But why? Most pitchers find it as showing them up but I say go ahead! Show me up! If you hit a tank off of me, then you’ve already owned me for that pitch.

Bat flipping just gives me more reason to strike you out the next time you get up against me. If I serve up a cock-shot then I deserve to be shown up. Hit a ball 500 feet (Nomar Mazara) and toss your bat up in the air. Be that guy right now because it’s not going to happen again. I’m embarrassed by the fact that I just gave up a BOMB, not the fact that you just bat flipped after the previously mentioned bomb. So to the pitchers all over the world, can we please stop getting so butt hurt over these bat flips and turn it into motivation to make better pitches and not letting it turn into all out brawls (no matter how much I love seeing those). Bat flips are here and they’re pretty entertaining. So lets keep these beauties coming.

P.S. I know that Shane will love this video because The Kid is in it. But then again, who DOESNT love The Kid??