Pirates Fan Fixes His 2015 World Series Tattoo

with a sharpie...

Pirates fan fixes his 2015 world series tattoo

Sports fans are one crazy group of people ya know? Pittsburgh fans are a special kind of passionately strange people. It’s never a good idea to get future bets of your favorite sports team tattooed on your body. It seems to never work out. Although, it does seem to always make your tattoo go viral when in a few months you inevitably look like an idiot when your team fails to live up to your inked expectations. If they were smart, one of these people would get their twitter handle tattooed with the prediction. That way when they look dumb when their team gets knocked out, at least they’ll get some twitter fame. Although we’re talking about the dumbest of dumb making a smart move. So we’re definitely expecting too much there. But this Pirates fan already fixed his 2015 World Series tattoo


This fan isn’t too upset about the tattoo on his body. He was actually able to fix it within minutes. Crazy! Why didn’t anyone else think of the sharpie move? You spend time brushing your teeth and shaving every day (actually he’s from Pittsburgh so maybe not, but you get it), so why not add an extra couple seconds to sharpie up the tattoo?