Papelbon Suspended After Being Ejected for Throwing At Manny Machado

MLB reigns down it's power protecting its stars of the future


News just broke that Jonathon Papelbon will serve a 3 game suspension after being ejected for throwing up and in at Manny Machado. MLB reigning down their power for protecting their stars.

Now I have a huge problem with this. If you’re going to determine whether throwing at someone is intentional or not, you have to look for a couple things like intent, situation, etc. Does this situation in the game seem like a good time to plunk Machado? A 4-3 game in the 9th? I mean, there are two outs so I guess you could argue.

Honestly it’s just a little out of control. The Nats are a bit frustrated as they should be, but I still don’t feel this one calls for an ejection LET ALONE a 3 game suspension from MLB. Check it out for yourself, what do you think?

I think the biggest cause of concern here is the pitch up at the head area. If he gets plunked intentionally in the ass, no suspension is handed out.