Why this Pablo Sandoval Situation is Ridiculous

panda pablo sandoval situation fat

Breaking News: The Panda is fat.

And the sky is blue, a bear shits in the woods, and water is wet. Here’s the latest.

And just moments after the breaking news that the fat man has fat habits, and is fat because he eats too much…

Just like that Panda goes from the bench to the “DL” with “a lot going on.” I hate speculation but there’s room for much speculation on this one. It’s almost gotten to the point where I feel a bit bad for the guy. Even we’re guilty of circulating these videos…

ESPN is having a ball with this, because it’s got to do with athlete drama that has nothing to do with the actual sport. Since when is Pablo Sandoval’s weight a problem? His nickname is Panda…ever known a skinny guy to be nicknamed after a fat animal?

Since he became unable to hit a beach ball with a tennis racket

The guy can’t hit, it’s no secret. Why does it have to be because of his belly? The guy has been overweight his entire career. He’s a 2012 World Series MVP with a whole season of highlight reel featuring him stumbling around and his belly flopping all over the place. Only since recently, the combination of the Boston media, Red Sox fans, and the size of his contract that people have been looking for ways to ridicule the panda. Is it out of line? I don’t know. With all the praise athletes receive, shouldn’t the flip side also be true? They take the chance of having to deal with stuff like this when they don’t perform?

Take a look at Sandoval’s few at bats this season and back to last season. Does it look like his belly is getting in the way? Or can we as actual ball players take notice of the terrible approach he’s taken to the plate over the last couple months? The guy obviously has the physical capability to hit a baseball, very well. Prince Fielder never had a problem hitting baseballs at his weight, and neither did Babe Ruth now that you think about it…

Can he not hit because he’s fat, or is he fat because he can’t hit? Now there’s an interesting thought.

The guy is fat, and he can’t hit. Those two are not necessarily causation related.