Ozzie Guillen Says He Was Blackout Drunk When He Got White Sox Job


Ozzie Guillen told ESPN the story about how he was blackout drunk when he got the offer to become manager of the Chicago White Sox.

One of our consensus favorite managers of all time. At least when it comes to managers to watch that yelled, screamed, and got tossed a lot. Because that’s what makes a manager fun to watch, right? In this candid sit down, Ozzie Guillen recaps all that he possibly can about the day eh interviewed to become the head coach of the Chicago White Sox. I’ll give you a little spoiler, he doesn’t remember much. For some reason I’m not too shocked to hear a story like this. He seems like that type of guy. Impressive, Ozzie. Now if only I could’ve seen this rager of a party that got him so messed up the night before.

Seed Sack