Orioles Put Towel Over Fenway Bullpen Camera


Over the offseason, the Red Sox installed cameras that relayed feeds from both bullpens to TVs in the dugout. If you’ve ever been to Fenway before, you’d know that you can see the pens from just about every single seat in the park. You may have to strain your eyes, but you’ll likely be able to figure out who’s warming in the pen. Nonetheless, having cameras makes it much easier to see what’s going on in bullpens.

Buck Showalter and the O’s, however, aren’t fans of these new cameras. They went as far as putting towels over the camera in their dugout, rendering the camera entirely pointless.

This is classic Buck Showalter, who is as old school as it gets. I don’t entirely hate the fact that Showalter had someone put a towel over the camera, but how much of an advantage does this really give him? There are phones in the dugouts and TVs in the clubhouse that would let the team figure out who’s warming pretty easily. The cameras in the pen take away a lot of that effort, but is anybody surprised Buck still went ahead and put the towel over the camera? I’m usually disagree with old-school baseball thinking, but I think this is pretty funny. “To hell with your cameras,” he says.