Orel Hershiser Told Us How To Doctor a Baseball

Orel Hershiser how to doctor a baseball
Former Dodger Pitcher Orel Hershiser gets his makeup and hair done before his broadcast for Time Warner Sports. The Dodgers played the Mets in the NLDS game 5 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA 10/15/2015 (photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles News Group)

This is great

Orel Hershiser is one of my favorite guys in the booth nowadays. Being a former player DOES NOT qualify you as being a good analyst or good on TV. Just listen to Harold Reynolds in the playoffs. The former Indian and Dodger great, Orel Hershiser told us how to doctor a baseball during the Dodgers Padres game.

Conversation started with talking about the differences in baseballs from Japan, what Kenta Maeda was used to, to the MLB baseballs. He also went on to throw in the recent changes NCAA has made with the bats and now the baseballs, introducing lower seams that help the ball carry further.

Well he went in detail to provide a solution on how to doctor a baseball.

He started it off with “I’m not telling you to doctor the baseball or tear up the seams.” Yes of course Orel, now get to the good stuff. He advised pitchers who felt like the seams were too low, to take their fingernail, and lightly scratch against the seams. Now this was no top of the head idea he just came up with. He described in detail the goal to scratch up the micro-fibers in the seams to make them stand up a little more than usual, providing just enough more seams for gripping the ball.

There you have it kids, don’t doctor a baseball, but if you feel like you’re not getting enough seams, go ahead and scratch up them micro-fibers.