Is it Ok for Grown Men to Wear Jerseys?

Baseball Fan Jersey

Anytime you make your way into a Major League Baseball stadium your eyes will wonder onto many things. One of those things is jerseys, and not just the ones the players wear. Jerseys, regardless of sport, have transcended their way into the sports product landscape and haven’t faded. Most jerseys usually go for around $100 dollars and some replica and relic jerseys can get into the $250 dollar range. Big or small, child or grown up, jerseys have turned into one of the biggest merchandise items in the sports world.

So is it totally right for all people to rock a jersey when going out or heading to the ballpark to see a game? I’ve never been one to complain or criticize how people spend their own money. You worked for it, spend it how you’d like. Still, is it OK for a grown man to wear a jersey of a player who is just a few years removed from legally being able to drink? Look I’m currently a college kid who over his life has probably owned close to two dozen jerseys. I’ve probably worn all those jerseys a number of times, but as I approach the age of many of the players whose last names I’ve worn on my back I realize maybe it’s starting to turn into an unofficial bro-mance. Trust me there are still some jerseys I would totally rock today, the Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners “Northwest Green” jersey is straight out of a Playboy magazine for baseball apparel, but for a grown man with a wife and three kids, maybe there are better ways of investing the price of your cell phone bill rather than buying an XL jersey of your kids favorite player.

People have never had a hard time expressing their fandom, some grown men wear makeup and other accessories to football games and scream their heads off. I’m all for extreme fandom, but don’t humiliate yourself in the time being. Luckily baseball fans have it under control, except maybe when the guy in front of you has had to much to drink and screams at the umpire for blowing a strike three call.

Another possible reason jerseys have taken over as a piece of memorabilia is because it’s the closest the general public gets to wearing something the players on the field wear. Not to get critical here, but you don’t know who these guys are when the step off of the field. Also I couldn’t imagine buying a jersey from a team that’s constantly flipping players, (looking at you Billy Beane.) Maybe I’m being way to serious about something as simple as a piece of clothing, but do you really need to wear another man’s name on your back to show off your fandom? Yes I get it you admire the guy because he hits 400 foot bombs, but do you wear you favorite politicians names on your back? Would you be cool with showing off your favorite actors’ name on your back?

Jerseys are really cool and should continue to be made with different colors and texts, but maybe grown men should look into investing their money into a nice polo instead of a $250 dollar vintage jersey from “back in the good ole days.” Show off your fandom however you want, but make sure not to lose your man-card in the process.

Also grown men, please stop bringing baseball gloves to games.