Odor’s Punch is the Cover Of Joe Budden’s Drake Dis Track ft Kenny Powers


The punch heard ’round the [baseball] world has turned into one of the most viral photos of the 2016 season. Props to the guy who caught that shot on camera, by the way. His name is Richard W Rodriguez.

This famous photo is now being used by rapper Joe Budden, as the cover photo for his new track called “Wake.” The song turns out to be a drake “dis track”. Shocking move for a rapper in the shadows to post a new dis track at someone the size of Drake to garner some attention, but whatever.

The highlight of the track, however, is the feature from the man himself, Kenny Powers during the intro. With all that I’ve previously said about this song, it’s actually not the worst thing I’ve ever heard. I’m just openly skeptical about tracks promoted on Soundcloud (unless it’s our podcast on Soundcloud of course). Can’t really hate on him for this publicity move because ironically here we are promoting it for him… Take a listen for yourself to Joe Budden’s new Drake dis track “Wake”.