October Will Always Belong To Baseball

Baseball Owns October


So I read this on Yahoo Sports today:

October used to be baseball’s domain, the time when the rest of the sporting world understood its second-fiddle status. Football owns the month now, the vise grip of the NFL and the allure of college unrelenting, unbreakable save for the one trump card baseball can play. -Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports

I regularly search “baseball news” on google or Twitter to get caught up on the news that I missed the night before. I came across this article by Yahoo Sports on how the Cubs are making October into baseball month once again. Never mind the fact that no one over at Yahoo Sports knows a thing about baseball or how it was played. The article was mostly about the Cubs and how they have found their way back into the post season, but, I couldn’t get over Passan’s lead. I somewhat agree that the Cubs are reviving a once dismal post season schedule (I obviously say that with some bias), though I can’t help but to think, “Was October ever about another sport?”

For the longest time, football has been America’s sport of choice; it’s tougher and it allows people to not think for a little while. Baseball, on the other hand, is a thinking man’s sport and will always be America’s pastime. October will always belong to baseball. During the winter months, it’s Football’s annoying little brother. It’s in the background of ESPN, jumping up and down trying to get the attention of the analysts. Every now and again the little brother will do something cool and the big brother will be shoved aside. But only for a fleeting moment.

In October though, baseball is the big brother and always will be. In my house and in my mind October has always meant “playoff baseball.” Football was always heard whispering in the background while a late post season game grabbed my attention, and my heart.

Tonight, the Royals and the Astros duke it out for the ALDS. That has my attention almost all day. There are two game fives on tonight. What can be better than that? Two teams fighting to stay alive and move on, nothing is better than that.

While others will argue that their sport is better than baseball for some asinine reason, I will always be found wherever there is a game on. October baseball will always be the best baseball because it offers so much more with regards to emotion and drama. Hearts are pumping. People are screaming. Emotions run high. Hearts break. There is, hands down, nothing better than playoff baseball.

October will always belong to baseball.