Oakland Athletics Hire First Female Coach in MLB History, Justine Siegal

Justine Siegal, paving the way for women in MLB


Yesterday the Oakland A’s announced the hiring of the first female coach in MLB History, Justine Siegal. Siegal will serve as a guest instructor for the A’s 2015 instructional league in Arizona this fall.

“they will listen to you when you know what you’re doing and you can make them a better player and show them you care about them.”

This won’t be Siegal’s first stint in professional baseball however. She made her professional debut as a coach for the Broxton Rox, as a first base coach for the indy ball team. She’s also spent some time coaching college baseball at Springfield College from 2008 to 2010.

After doing some research on her career, I can assure you this isn’t a token female hiring for publicity. Justine Siegal holds a masters degree from Kent State University in sport studies and a Ph.D. in sport and exercise psychology from Springfield College. If you know what goes on in instructional league you can understand why someone with her educational background could be an asset to an instructional level team. Players there can spend as much time in a classroom as they do on a baseball field. Siegel said she’ll be splitting time throwing BP, hitting fungos, and teaching the mental side of the game in a classroom.

This actually won’t be the first time Justine Siegal has thrown BP in an MLB setting.

She has thrown BP to multiple big league clubs including the Tampa Bay Rays as seen in the video, and damn, she throws a good BP (not easy to do).

Although no full time position is guaranteed, she hopes that her stint in instructional league could turn into a full time position in the A’s minor league system for the 2016 season. We all know the Oakland A’s as one of the most forward thinking organizations in all of baseball, and I wouldn’t put her getting a full time gig out of the question. Justine Siegal has broken another barrier for females in baseball, and is paving the way for a new generation of women in the game.