Why is Nobody Talking About Dustin Pedroia?

The Laser Show is not getting the recognition he deserves so far this season.


Dustin Pedroia is a 5’8 32 year old from Woodland, California. From looks, he seems just like the average guy. His pudgy physique, receding hairline, and lack of height all contribute to his less-than-perfect image.

It was because of these factors why he was overlooked by so many scouts. His first-round talent was picked 65th in the 2004 MLB draft by the Boston Red Sox. Nobody would have predicted the key instrumental part he would play for his team in future years.

Seed SackFast forward 12 years, a Rookie of the Year Award, 4 All-Star Games, 4 Gold Gloves, a Silver Slugger Award, an AL MVP Award, and 2 World Series rings, the Laser Show is one of the most important pieces of the 2016 Red Sox team.

He has a batting average of .308 on a Red Sox team that has one of the best offenses in the league, with 3 other teammates above .300. He also currently tied for 1st in the AL for hits with 41. Along with being one of the best defensive players and leaders in the league, he is building up quite the résumé. So why is nobody talking about him?

This season, Dustin Pedroia has very quietly been one of the team’s most valuable players. It seems as if since he is in the middle of such a stud filled line up, and because he is expected to do so well, nobody is appreciating the season he is putting together.

Dustin’s defensive plays are among the league’s best.

His greatness continues off the field, being a team leader and making the guys around him better. On Sunday, he was watching film and noticed that David Price’s delivery has changed since last season, something that went unnoticed by the coaching staff, and a possible cause for his early struggles. He immediately showed David and tried to improve his game. This type of clubhouse presence cannot be measured with any statistic or number, and will only show in the win column.

Based off of his performance, consistency, and dependability, I think that it is time we all started talking about Dustin Pedroia.