Noah Syndergaard, The Future of Pitching

Noah Syndergaard

Clayton Kershaw, Jake Arrieta, Chris Sale are all names that come to mind when thinking of the game’s best pitchers today, but one name that soon will be in that tier is Noah Syndergaard.

Standing at a towering six foot six inches weighing 240 pounds with flowing blond locks like a male version of Goldilocks there is no arguing why Noah Syndergaard has been deemed as the real life human version of Marvel character “Thor.”

Seed Sack

At 23 years old Noah Syndergaard already possesses one of the game’s most devastating pitches, and it isn’t a breaking ball that swerves across the plate or has a knee bending drop. Syndergaard’s average fastball velocity this season is 98 mph and while most starting pitchers dwindle in the low 90s with their fastball, Syndergaard’s average slider velocity is 91.6 mph. Yankees reliever Aroldis Chapman can light up a radar gun like no one else but know that Noah Syndergaard has thrown 8 pitches this year above 100 mph, the most out of any starter according to’s Statcast. Currently “Thor” is just one of two pitchers in the game to strikeout more then 10 batters per 9 innings, have a FIP below 2, an ERA below 3 and a K% rate above 30%. The other pitcher? Dodgers 3 time CY Young winner Clayton Kershaw.

With a top heavy rotation the Mets possess Noah Syndergaard still may be waiting in the shadows for many MLB fanatics prevailing to the two other names stars in the rotation in Matt Harvey and Jacob DeGrom. The Mansfield, Texas native is just 23 years old and has yet to throw above 160 innings in a full season. It’s absurd to imagine what his ceiling could eventually become. Is there truly a former or current hurler who can compare to the monstrous Syndergaard? Unlikely, while the argument can certainly be made there is perhaps no other pitcher in the game today who has the raw, power stuff that Syndergaard can use. In 2022 when he finally becomes a free agent and a new wave of elite pitching rises in baseball, you can firmly believe that Syndergaard has a chance to be on top of baseball as one of its premier pitchers at that time.