NL Central, Best Division in Baseball

Cards, Pirates, and Cubs are destroying the rest of baseball.


This may have a slight bias, but the NL Central is no doubt the best division in baseball. Now, before you click off of the page, let me tell you why.

First, if you take a look at the MLB Power Rankings, you will find that three of the top five teams are from the NL Central. The top team alone, the Cardinals, who protect the best record in baseball, are almost unstoppable. No other division has a more than two teams in the top five; the NL Central has the Cardinals, the Pirates, and the Cubs inside the top five.

Second, the rest of the NL are chasing all three teams that are in those top five spots. The Cardinals are resting easily atop the Central while the Cubs and the Pirates are fighting it out for the first and second wild card spot. All three times, if the playoffs were to start today, would make it to the post season. The next closest team in the NL according to’s power rankings, is the Mets all the way down at number eight.

Let’s forget about the power rankings now and move to actual overall record. The next closest team that is anywhere near the caliber that the Central is playing at are Blue Jays. Yes, they may be one of the hottest teams in baseball, but the Cubs have two more wins than them, and the Pirates have five more wins than them. No doubt, the Cardinals are the best team in baseball, but right behind them are two more hot teams that will easily take them over in a matter of weeks if this level of baseball keeps up. Furthermore, no other division in baseball has more than one team that has more than 70 wins. The NL Central has three.

Besides the top three teams, the Reds and Brewers are struggling. They are both 26 games back from the Cardinals but no matter, they are both above 50 wins and are still extremely competitive as they both have been active at the trade deadline.

Besides the numbers, the NL Central, is, hands down, the best division in the MLB. Three of the five teams from the Central are in the top of Power Rankings and the team that owns the best record in baseball. Any way you put it, the NL Central is the best and the most competitive out of all six of the divisions. The numbers do not lie.