Nephtali Flores Inspiring Story of One-Armed Baseball Player

Nephtali Flores
Nephtali Flores, 17, of Santa Ana, works on his swing during varsity baseball practice at Santa Ana High. He was born with one arm, his left. He says he has been playing baseball since he was 5 years old. He plays first base, outfield, pitches in relief and catcher. //ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: smith.1112 - 11/11/15 Ð ED CRISOSTOMO, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER -- Slug: smith.1112 CCI ID Code: B64809701Z.1 Assignment Summary: Nephtali Flores, 17, of Santa Ana, was born with one arm, his left. But that hasn't kept him from earning a spot on the Angels RBI baseball team or the Santa Ana High varsity squad. He plays first base, outfield, pitches in relief and even has been catcher. He swings the bat with one hand and uses his speed to get on base.

Nephtali Flores is just a normal guy with a passion for the greatest game on earth, just like the rest of us. Except not. Flores was born with just one arm. To call this kid unique would be an understatement. He plays 1B, OF, C, and RP for a team in Santa Anna, California.

Not only does he dawn a uniform, but the kid starts on the varsity baseball team, despite his condition. But I don’t think he views his condition like the rest of us may.

Jim Abbott“I was born this way, so I don’t know anything different…I can get by using just my left hand for everything. If not, I’ll figure it out and try to make up for it in other ways.” – Flores told Orange County Register

Like many with this condition, Nephtali Flores mentions former big leaguer Jim Abbott as a huge inspiration. Abbott threw a no hitter during his time in the bigs with the Yankees.


The kid knows nothing other than what he’s been given, and is making the most of it. next time you think you’re having a tough time at practice or in the cages, just remember there are grinders like Nephtali Flores who are making a hell of a lot more with a whole lot less than you are.Nephtali Flores