NCAA Suspends 5 Richmond Baseball Players

Richmond Baseball Players Suspended

The fun police are back at it again.

The NCAA has suspended five University of Richmond baseball players over something 99% of NCAA athletes are guilty of; playing fantasy football. On February 17th, the university made the announcement that the guys would be out until the NCAA reinstates them. No word so far on when that will be.

The country’s laws regarding sports betting are horse shit as it is, but this is probably as soft as they come. I imagine these guys were in a fantasy football league on Yahoo with a $50 league entry or something tiny like that. Instead, the NCAA is going to treat them like they’re running some underground sports book.

I imagine one day we’re going to look back at our laws on sports betting kinda like we look back at Prohibition nowadays. “Remember back when we weren’t even allowed to throw $5 on a baseball game?”

95% of the population is able to bet on sports without getting addicted. I’ll be honest, I’ll throw $5 on a Dodgers game just to give me a reason to watch a baseball game ’til 2am east coast time. I’m not saying make college kids’ gambling legal, I’m just saying this is one of those times you need to look away. How you gonna penalize these five dudes and act like there aren’t 30,000 others doing the same thing. Chill, NCAA.