NCAA to Ban Props from Softball Dugouts

NCAA softball ban props

The NCAA is cracking down on the circus-like props and costumes used in softball dugouts. reported on Wednesday that beginning with this years women’s college world series, the NCAA will ban props being used in dugouts.

It allegedly started with the North Alabama softball team after their win over Texas A&M in the D2 softball world series earlier this week. They were notified by an NCAA official that they would no longer be allowed to have props like these in their dugout going forward.

North Alabama Softball NCAA Bans props

North Alabama is certainly not the only team in college softball to put on such a show in the dugout, but Terri Holmes, the chair of the NCAA D2 softball committee told that this is not a new rule. Teams have never been allowed to carry such props in the dugout of a game.

Seed Sack

Rule 3.1.2 in the NCAA softball rule book:

“Coaches are responsible for ensuring that their players are legally equipped and properly attired to reflect a positive image of the game. Uniforms, accessories and equipment (including batting gloves that must be worn, carried in the hands or put out of sight in pockets) must be worn properly and as designed.”

When asked abut thew new enforcement, UNA coach Ashley Cozart seemed to be pretty understanding, and mentioned the team will abide. Cozart said the team used these props to stay loose during big games, but now they’ll have to find another way to do so.

I think it’s about time the NCAA cracked down on this nonsense. Is the sport itself not entertaining enough, that we have to draw attention to Nemo blow up dolls in the dugout? They do it to stay loose? Stay loose? Come on. It always seemed to me like a need for attention. Same with the cheers and chants and songs. Can’t it just be about the game? Why don’t we see baseball teams with blow up dolls in the dugout? I guess we should ask them how they stay loose and pass it along to the softball teams affected by the enforcement of rule 3.1.2. I’m certainly not the fun police. Have all the fun you want. You know what’s fun? Playing softball and winning games.



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