Myspace Tom Offers to Pay Tim Lincecum Salary


Remember Myspace Tom? The legend that created Myspace way back in like 2003 or something? Recently on twitter he came out as a Giants fan and pleaded for the club to keep Tim Lincecum.

He even offered to pay for it. I guess he’s been pretty smart with his Myspace money after selling for hundreds of millions way back.

The Freak, with about 8 years of MLB service under his belt made about $15 mil last year. Now I’m not sure his next contract will be so large, unfortunately one of my favorite pitchers ever is on the back end of his career by now. But I can’t picture Timmy in any uniform other than a Giants. It is an even year right? Let him win another title before he goes out. He is only 31 years old, but that freakish arm he used to sling around for years has finally come back to reality. He’s still a decent back end of the rotation guy, but the Giants are more or less stacked with their rotation now, I’m not sure Tim Lincecum fits into the equation much anymore.

So, Myspace Tom, lets see you put your money where your mouth is.