MSN & Sporting News: Baseball’s Five Dumbest Unwritten Rules


I found an article on MSN sports, by Sporting News titled “Baseball’s Five Dumbest Unwritten Rules, Ranked By Their Stupidity“. I think now is a good time for me to highlight the disconnection between the average person and today’s game of baseball.

Recently there has been a HUGE gap grown between even today’s average sports fan and the game of baseball. There are a couple reasons I think this happens, but I’ll get into that in another piece. Right now I want to highlight the stupidity that is this article published by MSN and Sporting News. Let me give you their five “stupid” unwritten rules, and get into the core of what they don’t understand regarding these unwritten rules.

1. Respect the game (play the game the right way)

This one is just simple to bust. If you haven’t played the game at a high level, you simply can’t understand what it means to play the game the right way, BECAUSE YOU’VE NEVER PLAYED IT. The writers here claim that there is no “right way” to play the game. They talk about this unwritten rule like it’s in place to diminish the fun of the game. Don’t flip your bat or stare down your home run if you aren’t willing to wear a fastball to the ribs.

2. Retaliate, retaliate, retaliate

Not sure what’s difficult to understand about this one. If you’re caught throwing up and at a Bryce Harper, you can bet your Buster Posey will see his fair share in return. Don’t want your best player hit? Don’t throw at ours. How is that any different than a post player throwing elbows in the key? What happens next? You see Kendrick Perkins check into the game…

3. Don’t “show up” the other team

They like to play on the vagueness of this term, because how could someone who’s never played the game understand what this one means? If baseball didn’t have their “unwritten rules” against showing up an opponent or taunting, it would turn into an entertainment circus like a basketball game and each good play is turned into a rave where the game stops, hip hop music bumps, and everyone dances. Straight clownery.

4. Don’t bunt during a no hitter

This one is a little easier debated, as even some baseball fans have a problem with this. Let me make my side clear. In a 1-0 game where the pitcher has a no hitter, I see no problem bunting because here the purpose of the bunt is to get your team in a position to win the game. The problem comes in a 6-0 game in the 8th where a bunt is less of a move to score, and more of a move to ruin a guy’s no hitter. It’s more of a “man up, pussy” type rule.

5. Don’t run up the score in a blowout

Last but not least, another misunderstanding by someone intellectually incapable of understanding the workings of running a baseball team. If the game is 12-0, you won’t see a guy bunting for a base hit, and you won’t see someone scoring from first on a ball in the gap. Why? The game is virtually over. Conceded. Pushing these limits is how you get guys hurt. Extending the game doesn’t benefit anybody. You’ve got a limited pitching staff that you’re hoping will make it through this 9 games in 10 days stretch, and you’ve got players out there playing 4 hours a night every day for 162 games over 6 months. You don’t do it.


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