Motivational Speaker Energizes Red Sox

Rex Sox Spring Training
Red Sox spring training practice in Fort Myers, Florida

John Farrell is getting creative with his winning strategies. The Red Sox manager brought retired Navy SEAL, David Rutherford, into the clubhouse on Thursday morning before the Twins spring training game to have a little chat with the players.

Retired Navy SEAL, David Rutherford
Retired Navy SEAL, David Rutherford

Instead of feeling like elementary students at an assembly, the team was captivated by what Rutherford had to say.
“You know, he sent a great message that you would think it’s just for you to prepare to play baseball,” David Ortiz noted. “But those messages are for life in general. We take a lot of things for granted. He sent a huge message with everything he said. I was happy to be there. You know why? When he was talking, I was thinking about a lot of things.”

“Nobody was talking or laughing or anything whenever he was speaking,” pitcher Clay Buchholz commented. “It was a really neat experience. You don’t get to be around someone like that every day. When you do, it’s usually a different type of scenario. I think everybody that was in there could use it to better themselves as a person, a baseball player, and just in everyday life.”

After the speech, Rutherford put on a uniform and sat in the dugout during the game, where the Red Sox took the win, 6-5. The energy from the message appeared to be radiant on the field, and Farrell is hopeful that the inspiration will stick with the players throughout the season.

Rutherford is a professional motivational speaker, and though he’s spoken in front of many athletic organizations, the Red Sox were the first MLB team. He described his experiences in the war, and how important working as a team is.

Whether you’re fighting together for your country, or lining up to run onto the field, teamwork is the key to taking home the hardware.